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Exkala Commodity and Jobs Database

What is the exkala platform? exkala is a directory of suppliers, sellers and buyers whose main goal is easy communication between businesses. The exkala platform is also a multilingual business hub. This platform, by preparing and providing an easy and convenient tool for all small and large businesses, has made it easy for your goods and business to be in front of the eyes of customers and potential buyers inside and outside the country.
The exkala platform is suitable for all local and service businesses, manufacturers, exporters, importers and many more. For small businesses, excala provides free advertising so that all local and small businesses can grow their business and trade with ease, along with other large businesses, without paying any cash.

Why choose us

"The exkala platform acts as a business directory for general users." You, the users, easily have the information of many suppliers and business owners, and with a short search or sending a request to the businesses, you will find the best seller and supplier, and you can enter into negotiations and trade with the seller completely free of charge.

Our mission

Internet marketing Exkala can introduce your product or service to your target audience in a favorable way, considering the wide range of its audience and users inside and outside the country and the way it operates. exkala does all the work related to design, editing, using web keywords, translating texts with web standards, better display in Google search and placing your ad on social networks, and you are in front of a large number of buyers of your goods and services. .

Sales acceleration

We have a team of digital marketing experts (online and offline), and when you work with exkala Agency, you can choose a professional to accelerate your sales. Our consultants will work with you one-on-one to develop an SEO strategy for exkala and Google in terms of traffic competition.


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