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Price : Price On Call
Type : Services
Date : 2021-12-08
Location : Iran Tehranpars, Parvin Blvd., No. 2

The best experience of buying reflex safety glass

What is Reflex Securit Glass?

Reflex safety glass is a type of safety glass whose surface is covered with a coating that reflects light and heat. In daylight, these glasses reflect sunlight and look very bright and act like a mirror. At the same time, on the other side of the glass inside the building, the glass is completely transparent. This phenomenon is reversed at night.

What is the use of reflex safety glass?

Today, the construction industry, in line with the art of modern architecture, has created beautiful effects of architecture in cities. These buildings, which use reflective glass to decorate their facades, look very bright in the daytime. These glasses are a good factor in reducing energy consumption due to the lack of transfer of much sunlight and heat into the building. These glasses have good strength and have good and simple technology in terms of transportation and installation.

Reflective glass is selling well because of its variety of colors and many benefits.

One of the uses of reflective glass is in the balconies of buildings. This glass is also known as balcony reflecting glass.

Other applications of reflex glass

• Create a beautiful appearance for the building

•energy saving

• These glasses restrict the entry of radioactive rays into the building.

Online sales of reflex safety glass

In today’s market you can find different products with variable prices in the market. Reflex safety glass is also a product that has a good market and many companies and commercial units are working in its production and sale. The problem of expansion and big cities and traffic jams for transportation is such that the idea of sitting in a room and office and ordering a product and delivering on time seems very pleasant.

In these systems, the user can easily enter the website of Sazeh software through an Internet connection and a smartphone or laptop, and order the desired products with the best prices and discounts from this reputable store and have them delivered to the desired location as soon as possible. By designing an online website, Afzar Sanat Company has enabled you to register your orders 24 hours a day and have your goods delivered on time. Website software industry is a good experience in terms of website environment and prices and mobile services.


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