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Seven crops to be planted in winter

Before introducing these 7 agricultural products for planting in winter, it should be said that these products are suitable for cold regions; So it is better to keep this point in mind. So if you live in a cold area and want to grow the right crop in the winter; Try to choose products that […]Read More

The idea of ​​building a portable farm or agricultural container

Building a portable farm or agricultural container may not seem very profitable from the outside, but it can transform commercial agriculture around the world. The use of container farms allows farmers around the world to be able to produce many products in any weather conditions and market them at a very reasonable cost. The idea […]Read More

Laser fruits instead of labeling

Can fruit lasers replace the labels that are affixed to them? Laserizing fruits and foods is a method that is hoped to be environmentally friendly and no longer harmful. We also hope that this method will be an effective label for products. Laser fruits instead of stickers Laser fruit is great for the ground; But […]Read More

Important points about beekeeping and pollinators

Pollination is very important in nature. Today, however, pollination has declined dramatically, with adverse effects on the environment and human life. In this article, we are going to select parts of the bookPollen protectionMake you more aware of this; So if you are interested in this topic as well as information about beekeeping and novice […]Read More

A modern way to grow oysters

Have you ever considered that oysters growing in special cages can be effective in the future of the aquaculture industry? Do you want to grow and transform your business by growing oysters in a modern way? If you are going to abandon the traditional methods of oyster breeding and achieve new successes in this field […]Read More

Introduce 5 public seed banks that lend seeds

The Agricultural Seed Bank lends seeds, just like libraries that lend books to their members. The members of this bank borrow the seeds for free, sow them and turn them into crops. But what the members bring back will not be a basket of tomatoes, what they bring back are grains from their land. Introducing […]Read More

Transforming family farming in the world

When the UN General Assembly designated 2014 as the International Year of Family Agriculture; This seemed to be a rare opportunity for global development in the agricultural industry. Annual nomination at the United Nations At the time, the name was intended to “increase the productivity of the farmer’s family and agricultural property owners, given the […]Read More

Farming without plowing is a new and useful method

Before talking about plowed agriculture, it is important to know that the earth loses about 23 billion tons of fertile soil each year. At this rate, all fertile soils will be lost over the next 150 years; Unless farmers operate in a way that repairs and recovers essential organic matter and soil nutrients that also […]Read More

Useful tips for horticulture and agriculture

Horticulture and agriculture are among the things that require sufficient skill and experience. But if you want to do it at any level of ability; You can also get help from some useful points of this article and enjoy your gardening to the fullest 1 . How to plant and propagate transplanted plants Start propagating […]Read More

What is the process of turning seeds into plants?

Growing seeds can be the easiest and most popular way to have plants for your garden. So if you are also planning to grow plants that are in the seed and seed stage, you can follow the simple steps mentioned in this article and have a very happy feeling from the results you get. What […]Read More


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