100 تومان


Validity of this booth: 365 days
Latest product registration number: 100 units
Special Advertising Number (6 months): 5 numbers
Number of authorized use of product advertisement stairs: 20 pieces
Number of images allowed for each product: 10 pieces
Number of authorized auctions for products or services: Unlimited
Insert video link from YouTube or Aparat for each product: Yes
Allow tagging for better display: بلی
Post ads on categories: All

Also, the special services that you will receive in the top badge include the following:

  • Specialized translation of 5 ads of your choice in Turkish or English
  • Editing and editing 5 ads in Persian, Turkish or English
  • SEO 5 ads for better display in Google in 2 languages
  • Research product related keywords in 2 languages
  • Production of ad reporting in Persian language permanence in EXKala permanently


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